Beint į leišarkerfi vefsins
Merki Eyktar ehf.


nh1aNorðlingaholt is located on 85 hectares of land at the eastern edge of Reykjavík. The area is fairly high in elevation but is vegetated and very beautiful. In the vicinity are the major outdoor recreation areas of Reykjavík proper, Heiðmörk and Elliðavatn, the latter being quite popular during the summertime for angling.

The owner of Eykt, Mr. Pétur Guðmundsson, envisioned a great potential in the Norðlingaholt, which was previously largely uninhabited and of little use. He worked on the development with his architects and the City of Reykjavík. There are now about 2,500 people living there, with a centrally located primary school and kindergarten, all in harmony with a combination of natural and man-made environment.

Urban Planning: T.ark in collaboration with Eykt


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