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Merki Eyktar ehf.

Pedestrian Bridges

2100177-bryr(1)Pedestrian bridges and paths near Reykjavík Airport solve the needs of bicyclists and pedestrians. The longest bridge is 169 metres and glides over the bird sanctuary reserve area in a spiral form. The longest span is 27.5 m, and yet the construction height of the bridge profile is only 70 cm.

The pedestrian bridge over Njarðargata is connected to the one described above; these meet on an approximately 5 m high landfill to the south of Hljómskálagarður. The foot-bridge from the campus of the University Hospital is about 86 m long, runs across the campus in a fairly sharp arc and meets land parallel to the street Hringbraut. 

The bridges are all cast in place and post-tensioned and were cost-effective, as it was possible to construct them free of the traffic. The bridge form is rather special, curved in plan, cross-section and height, solving pedestrians’ needs in the best way. The concrete in the bridges is made with white cement, and light aggregate was used to get as bright and light complexion as possible.

The railing follows the same principles of lightness as does the bridge deck. It is made of thin, stainless steel mullions, which are welded to a continuous steel base plate on the deck proper. The bridges are continuous and without expansion joints, but rest on bearings at the ends and are also protected against side-sway with special steel fasteners.

The pedestrian bridges won the Concrete Prize 2010 for outstanding architecture, engineering solutions and craftsmanship and also won the Prize of the State Road Authority as the best infrastructure construction in the years 2005–2007.

Built by Eykt 
Architects: Studio Granda, Reykjavik, in collaboration with
Línuhönnun (now Efla)


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