Concrete work on the Main Operations Centre of the new National Hospital concluded today when the last eight cubic metres of concrete were poured. All in all, 56,928 cubic metres have now been poured to construct the core structure of building. Work began in February 2021. Despite unusual and serious external factors, such as the Covid epidemic and the war in Ukraine, affecting both the availability of manpower and steel, this massive undertaking progressed smoothly and has now been delivered on time and inside cost parameters.

Concrete work on the parking structure (back) and the laboratory (front) continues at full speed.

The Operations Centre is the heart of the new National Hospital and by far the largest building in the complex. The centre covers about 70,000 square metres on six levels above ground and two underground levels, and is one of the largest concrete buildings in Iceland. While the Operations Centre is in effect a virtually complete hospital, with operating theatres, in-patient recovery, testing facilities and emergency services, it is also connects with tunnels and bridges to other buildings nearby, such as the pre-existing natal-division and the new laboratory building and parking garage.

The concrete phase of the main building is now completed, but work continues on adjacent buildings. One thousand cubic metres were poured into the laboratory building today, and tomorrow will see an additional 330 go into the Parking structure. The parking structure will have 500 new parking spaces for cars and 200 spaces for bicycles and e-bikes, while the laboratory will unify almost all research and testing operations under one roof.