Dagmara Adamsdóttir, mannauðsstjóri Eyktar.

Dagmara Adamsdóttir is the new HR Manager of Eykt ehf. The position is a new one at the company and will improve services for our 180 employees.

Dagmara has extensive experience in administration and human resource management Hún starfaði áður m.a. sem mannauðsstjóri hjá Borgarverki og sem sérfræðingur í mannauðsmálum hjá Hrafnistu í Reykjavík. She holds a B.Sc. degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Leadership and Human Resources Management.

In tandem with a period of steady growth over the last several years, Eykt has put considerable effort into strengthening the company’s infrastructure and processes. Dagmara’s appointment is an important milestone in that effort. As Páll Daníel Sigurðsson, Eykt’s Managing Director, remarks: “We are proud to announce that Dagmara is joining us and confident that she will help us in our continued growth as a company and a great place to work”.