Our Goal
is to Lead
by Example

Eykt is environmentally certified to the ISO 14001 standard. An annual assessment will be made of our processes that relate to environmental issues, and we are committed to constant development and improvements.

We aim to minimize consumption and reduce waste, as well as to have as little impact on the environment as possible. With increased environmental awareness, we make better use of raw materials, and improve workplace safety and processes, while also benefiting the environment.

Minimizing Impacts

Clear Goals
for the Environment

Our goal is to promote less raw material consumption and reduce waste generation across the board, as well as to have as little impact on the environment as possible. All areas are assessed at the beginning of construction and our processes are planned to minimize disruption and damage. When trees need to be removed, they are re-planted in a new location or preserved for later use.

All waste generated on work sites is sorted and subcontractors and suppliers are requested not to bring any packaging into the work site other than that required to protect the delivered products. Emphasis is also placed on implementing paperless transactions as far as possible. All work equipment not in use on work sites must be turned off to reduce CO₂ emissions.

The Environment

Our Strategy

  • Staff training to improve awareness of environmental issues.
  • Regular and honest reporting and assessment of our performance.
  • The setting of measurable and ambitious goals, improving every year.
Recycling and re-use

Awards for a Job Well Done

Eykt got the Eco-Awards from the environmental management company Terra for the year 2022. The awards are for outstanding results in waste management and a clear and responsible environmental strategy.

Eykt sets standards for reuse, recycling rates, and carbon footprint, and monitors performance in collaboration with Terra, which delivers real-time information on how we are doing in the minimization and classification of waste and hazardous materials by providing the amount of each category and the percentage of total recycling. It also shows the number of trips, kilometers driven, and the average consumption of each car, allowing us to accurately assess the carbon footprint of our vehicles.

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of waste 2022

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of waste 2021

Eco-friendly buildings

BREEAM Certification

BREEAM is an assessment undertaken by independent licensed assessors using sustainability metrics and indices covering various environmental issues. It works to raise awareness amongst owners, occupiers, and designers of the benefits of taking a sustainable approach, providing a framework to help us successfully adopt sustainable solutions cost-effectively. It aims to reduce the negative effects of construction and development on the environment.

Developments in accordance with BREEAM result in improvements over a wide spectrum: brighter spaces, improved air circulation, ergonomic design and environmentally friendly choices of materials.

Eykt has completed four BREEAM projects: The Mosfellsbær Secondary School, The Vigdis building at the University of Iceland, Verkis’ offices, and Efla HQ at Lynghals in Reykjavik. Four more projects are in development or construction.

A Nordic Environmental Certificate

The Swan

The Swan is the official eco-label of the Nordic countries. The main goal of Swan Certification is to reduce the environmental impact of buildings, prevent global warming, and protect the health of construction workers, as well as those who use the finished building.

Swan-certified development involves requirements for minimal energy consumption, highly limited use of harmful substances, good ergonomics and acoustics, effective quality control in the construction process, and an operation and maintenance plan for the entire lifetime of the building.

Eykt’s first Swan-certified project is the apartment complex at Áshamar in Hafnarfjörður.


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