Jón Eðvald Malmquist, aðstoðarframkvæmdastjóri hjá Eykt.

Jón Eðvald Malmquist has been appointed assistant managing director of Eykt from January 1, 2023. This is a new position at the company.

Eykt ehf. has seen steady growth over recent years, with the main projects at present including the treatment core of the new Landspítal, an office building for the Tax and Finance Department at Höfðatorg and the construction of Deloitte’s new headquarters at Dalvegur in Kópavogur. Also under construction are 154 Swan-certified apartments at Áshamar in Hafnarfjörður and a Salmon farm for Arctic Smolt in Tálknafjörður, as well as various other projects.

Jón Eðvald has been with Eykt since 2021, and had previously assisted the company with legal matters for many years. He was previously at LOGOS Legal Services, where he handled, among other things, issues in the field of contracting and tendering law. Ha has also been a lecturer in contract law at the University of Reykjavík for many years.

Jón Eðvald is an attorney at law with a licence to litigate before district courts and the National Court of Appeals.

“We are a stronger company with Jón Eðvald in this new position of responsibility. Eykt has always emphasized efficient and open channels throughout our projects, and clear and efficient communication with our clients, and here we get an important reinforcement in that regard. We continue to vigorously develop the company’s infrastructure to meet new challenges”, says Páll Daníel Sigurðsson, Eykt’s managing director.