Iceland Revenue and Customs

Höfðatorg and Eykt
11,700 m², nine floors
PK Architects / Pálmar Kristmundsson
Built by
Eykt ehf.

The last major building at Höfðatorg houses the Tax and Financial Administration, who got the keys in June 2023 and moved in in July, from their previous HQ at Laugavegur 166 and several satellite offices around Reykjavík. The building is sometimes called the “House of Icelandic Finance”, as it also houses the State Financial Management Authority on about 2,000 m².

About 460 people work in the building. Reception is on the ground floor, along with related services, while the upper floors are traditional office spaces, meeting rooms, and a cafeteria. The building is part of Höfðatorg and is connected to the other buildings of the square both above and underground. A large parking garage, bike spots, storage facilities, and technical spaces take up several floors underneath the complex.

The building has to meet a variety of strict security and safety requirements that apply equally to technical systems and the staff themselves. Despite this, construction went very quickly and only two years passed from the time the contracts were signed until it was delivered almost complete. The “House of Finance” completes the development of Höfðatorg, a powerful and elegant downtown core in the heart of Reykjavík, which now houses thousands of working hands, a large number of residents and visitors, and sets a great stage for the city.

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