The Policy:

The aim of Eykt’s gender equality policy is to actively work towards equalizing the status of genders within the workplace. The policy sets forth objectives and action plans to achieve these goals.

The gender equality plan applies to all Eykt’s employees.

The gender equality plan is presented in accordance with Act No. 150/2020 on the equal rights and equal status of genders, as well as in compliance with other laws and regulations related to gender equality.


Eykt emphasizes equal pay, opportunities for advancement, and job opportunities for all job positions within the company, regardless of gender. Eykt’s employees should also enjoy equal opportunities, rights, and working conditions regardless of gender, nationality, religion, or other factors.

Eykt has adopted the following Objectives:

  1. Employees shall receive equal pay and benefits for comparable and equivalent work, regardless of gender.
  2. Vacant positions shall be open to all applicants, regardless of gender.
  3. Emphasis is placed on providing all employees with access to job training and retraining opportunities, regardless of gender.
  4. Efforts are made to enable employees to balance work hours with family life as much as possible.
  5. We facilitate return to work after maternity or parental leave, or leave due to other urgent family circumstances.
  6. Harassment, gender-based violence, sexual harassment, and sexual assault are not tolerated in the workplace.
  7. Approved by Eykt’s management on November 3, 2021.

Approved by Eykt’s management on November 3, 2021.

Approved by the Gender Equality Office on November 4, 2021.