Höfðatorg and Eykt
PK Architects / Pálmar Kristmundsson and Fernando Mendonça
Léon Wohlhage Wernik Architekten and MetaDesign, Berlín.
Built by
Eykt ehf.

Höfðatorg in Reykjavík is Eykt’s largest development project to date. About 85.000 m² in six buildings form an elegant and modern complex in a prime location in central Reykjavík. Development of the Höfðatorg area has been going on since the early years of the 21st century and the first building, Borgartún 8-16, was opened in 2007. The complex now includes Reykjavík’s tallest office tower, Iceland’s largest hotel, one of the country’s finest apartment buildings and an array of shops, bars and restaurants, with underground parking for 1,300 vehicles.

The first building to open at Höfðatorg is Borgartún 8-16, housing the majority of Reykjavik Council Offices, a restaurant and a café. The building area is approx. 14,000 m² with offices, reception areas and meeting spaces for over 700 office workers and guests. The ground floor houses the City’s Service Center and a popular café.

A recent addition at Höfðatorg is an elegant apartment building at Bríetartún 9-11. Two towers, seven and twelve floors, with 94 elegant apartments, make Höfðatorg an amazing place to live. Retail and service spaces are on the ground floor, and the basement has storage and common spaces, incl. bicycle and stroller storage, technical spaces, warehouse spaces for shops and services and 17 closed private carports. The building has two stairwells and elevators shafts with two elevators each, one of which is a fire and safety elevator. The buildings are connected to other buildings on Höfðatorg through the car garage.

Foss Hotel is Iceland’s largest, with 320 rooms and suites and a magnificent 360˚ view. The top floor has seven luxury suites, and the 2nd floor has three first-rate conference rooms. The hotel also boasts a 200-seat high quality restaurant, a beergarden, a sprawling lounge, and a wellness center.

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